The Real Story on Silk Duvets

Over the past few years, there is a large amount of misconception about silk filled duvets. Silk duvets are often purchased for the wrong reasons and the intended purpose of use is not actually well matched by the characteristics of this filling material.

The Marketing Angle

It is advertised that silk duvets have two large benefits over other duvet types. First, silk duvets are exceptionally lightweight. Second, they sleep cooler than anything else. Both of these are misleading and we can say that they are essentially false.


Compared to synthetic fills, we would all agree that silk duvets are lightweight. However, in comparison to most other natural filling materials, silk duvets are often heavier.
While the fill weight in all natural filling material is quite the same, it is actually the fabric shells that make differences in weight. The kinds of fabrics used silk duvets construction are usually woven jacquard’s. However, the fabric on the silk duvets is twice the weight. That’s the reason why the duvets with more fabric shells contribute more total weight to the duvets than the filling. It’s not just also the weight that you take into consideration, you must also consider how you want the duvets to feel on top of you. While a silk duvet closely follows the shape of your body and transfer the complete weight of the duvets to you, a down duvet floats above you and trap an amount of air. This means that down duvets feel significantly lighter than any other duvet filling. One type of the feel is not better than any other, it is merely personal preference.

Coolest Sleeping Temperature

Although silk duvets create the feeling of sleeping very cool, they also operate in a narrower temperature range when compared to most other natural fillings. It sounds negative but it isn’t. If you live in a climate controlled environment which hardly varies, a silk filled duvet can be absolutely fantastic to sleep under. They will maintain a stable temperature and balance humidity. Nevertheless, if your temperature and environment are variable, high-quality goose down may be a better choice than silk.

Why We Choose Silk?

There are many reasons for your decision on silk but I will mention four main reasons. First, you’d like a medium weight duvet which drapes naturally around the body. Second, your bedroom temperature is stable and doesn’t vary during the season. Third, you are okay with the possibility of having to use two different kinds of duvets for summer and winter if the climate varies significantly where you live. Last but not least, you would like the health benefits of a natural filled duvet at a more reasonable price point.
No matter which type of duvet you choose, a natural filled duvet of any variety is superior to any synthetic duvet or comforter as they are cleaner, healthier and made from renewable resources. And silk duvets are typically a wonderful choice for purchasing for the right reasons.
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