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5 Great Ways to Spice Up Your Bed’s Looks

You have probably seen many of them gracing magazine covers and on television- whatever way it is, there is the huge trend of decorating one’s bed to make going to bed not only comfortable, but also aesthetically-pleasingly so. From bold colors and designs to various accessories, beds have become just as much an art form as it is simply a place to rest one’s head for the night.

That said, you might be interested in sprucing up your own bed’s appearance. Perhaps it is looking a bit on the older side, or maybe it has succumbed to drab, monotonous colors that you do not like. This article, then, will give you some ideas on how to spice up the aesthetics of your bed for the next night’s sleep!

1. Know your color scheme.

First off, it is essential to figure out just what kind of colors you would like to add to your bed. It all comes down to your personal style: ask yourself if you prefer loud, bright patterns or more subtle ones? That way, you can go about setting up the shades and patterns you will love for your bed.

A good rule of thumb is to use contrast: for instance, pairing a monochromatic color (e.g. white) with a bold, red-and-black striped pattern can go a long way in making your bed burst with character. Or, you can pair a patchwork of similarly pastel colors for a softer, but equally attractive look. It is up to you!

2. Jazz it up with decorative accessories.

Besides the standards like pillows and comforters, adding extra items like bolsters and even memorabilia (e.g. stuffed animals) onto the bed will make it uniquely yours. There is no worry about overcrowding it with all of your favorite things: as long as there is a place to rest your head, that is all that matters!

3. Choose high thread counts.

If you want to go for a light and fluffy look that will make your bed all the more inviting to bury into, then it is good to go for sheets with high thread counts. Thread counts usually range from 80 to 2000, but anything 800 and above is already of good quality. Having these sheets around will make it both fluffy to look at, as well as fluffy to delve into for a good night’s sleep!

4. Decorate your surroundings.

The bedroom itself is as important for making your bed look enticing as the bed itself. Whether it is painting the walls a different color or adding a fancy design to the bed’s headrest, there is so much you can do to spice up even your living quarters for the ultimate bedroom experience. So go right ahead: add that fancy rug onto the floor and those Christmas lights on your walls for aesthetic purposes. Soon enough, you will have your bedroom looking like something out of your home magazine catalog!

5. Layer it on.
Finally, it comes down to the technical aspects of bedding aesthetics. Essentially, it is a matter of starting with the mattress padding (the more you put, the fluffier it will look) before layering on the sheets and smoothing them out and finally adding the pillows and accessories to it. While there are a handful to steps to be taken, the result will be worth it in the end, for you and for your bed’s aesthetics.


While you might think that it is difficult to make your bed that picture-perfect image in magazines and catalogs, it is surprisingly not impossible. Having the resources and mindset will go a long way and, soon enough, you will have that dream bed that you always wanted.

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