5 Great Reasons to Use Organic Wool Bedding

For hundreds of years, wool has traditionally been used in bedding. This multi-purpose natural fiber has a wide range of unique advantages that synthetics can’t offer.

1. It’s suitable for chemical sensitivity

Chemical sensitivity refers to those who may react to even small concentrations of residues in synthetic bedding, as a result of the chemical process it has undergone.  In spite of its clean look in the packet, synthetic bedding has actually gone through a process of bleaching, treatment with fire retardants and “non-iron” additives. There are “nasties”  that can be off-gassed in small amounts by items of synthetic bedding. Unfortunately. Washing cannot have a positive impact on this effect. Most of us cannot immediately be affected from inhaling the small quantities but chemical sensitive people can have reactions with even tiny amount, from headaches to skin irritations.

If you want to get rid of anxiety about your health, it’s recommended that you use a completely natural fiber like organic wool. It’s kept away from harsh chemical bleaches, treatments or fire retardants and also covered with organic cotton, with every process carefully inspected.  The lack of harsh chemical treatments reduces the possibilities of chemical sensitive reaction. It can be said that organic wool bedding is a sound option for a non-toxic and clean lifestyle.

2. It deters mold and dust mites

House dust mites, present in the majority of duvets, mattresses, and pillows,  are the main allergy trigger. For many, they cause no symptoms but for the allergic people, the allergen in the mite feces can trigger a range of symptoms from sneezing and wheezing to even worsened eczema symptoms.

One of the wonderful natural properties of wool is that it naturally resists to dust mites and it also wicks away moistures, taking away essential element for life of house dust mites.

3. It can help regulate the temperature at night

Wool has properties of being breathable and able to insulate heat, which act as a “climate control” mechanism keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, as it does on the sheep. A wool bedding is a sound choice for anyone who tends to overheat at night because of its capabilities of absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp. Especially, wool bedding is even thought to be able to regulate temperatures of two different people at the same time.

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4. It makes users extremely comfortable

It is a misconception that wool is itchy, rough and hot. The wool is confessionally combed into very fine fibers that create a soft and lofty filling for pillows, duvets, mattress. Besides, resilient fibers can retain its shape over time. It means that wool can be stretched out but still bounce back to its original shape.

5. It is sustainable and friendly to the environment

As we know, sheep grow fleeces on a yearly basis, meaning that wool is a completely renewable resource. Wool is also naturally biodegradable and contributes nothing to industrial pollution. The organic certification in wool bedding products ensures that no pesticides and insecticides or harmful polluting chemicals are used in any process of the production.

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