Best Silk Comforters of 2018 – Top 5 Reviews

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When it comes to getting the best sleep of your life, having comforters on hand is a worthwhile investment. From its soft down to its silky exterior, comforters are sure to make you feel like you are sleeping on clouds. Choosing a good comforter can be a challenging process, but it is not impossible—by knowing what you want in terms of your lifestyle preferences, you can get the best comforter in no time.

That said, we are providing you a list of some of our top suggestions to get you started. Here in this article, we will list the pros and cons of each, along with our personal take on the matter. Without further ado, let us get right down to it!

#1 Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-free Comforter Filled with 100% natural long strand mulberry silk

Offering the ultimate hospitality, Silk Camel Luxury’s comforter is an all-natural item worth having on your bedside. It is incredibly silky and, at 8.8 pounds, it provides excellent comfort and warmth from the cold winter months and hot summer months. It keeps moisture away from your body, which helps you avoid allergens and other debris which might otherwise cause problems like allergies or rheumatism.

Even further, its silk exterior helps you avoid issues like bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and mildew. Silk Camel Luxury’s comforter is also convenient when it comes to zipping it easily to fill up your own QA/QC by yourself, as well as being extremely easy to carry around should you decide to head out and travel while staying in hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, and much more.


  • Offers a hefty, but lightweight build for warmth and comfort in winter, even summer.
  • Is moisture-free to prevent allergens and debris from entering.
  • Keeps allergies and rheumatism at bay.
  • Has a silk exterior to avoid bed bugs, dust mites, and other issues.
  • Convenient for carrying around all over the world.


  • Material might feel flimsy at times.
  • More lightweight than imagined, so less warmth.

Opinion: Silk Camel Luxury’s silk comforter is certainly allergy-free, as I have had problems with allergies while sleeping at night. It is also great to wick away moisture from my body, as I also tend to sweat at night. I have not had issues with this comforter concerning any dust mites or mildew, which has been nothing but spic and span. I do wish, however, that it was a bit heavier in weight, as the winter months can be brutal, and I would need a comforter that can be warm and comfortable.

#2 LilySilk All Season Silk Comforter with Silk Shell 100% Silk Duvet

Made from 100 percent silk mulberry floss, LilySilk’s All-Season silk comforter is the legitimate, authentic comforter that people need in their lives to feel not only warm and cozy, but also at-ease with. Even better, it also contains an outer silk shell, consisting of a 400 TCI and 100-percent 19 Momme Natural Luxurious long-strand silk that will keep its shape, all the while preserving the integrity of the inner layer from long-term use. It is smooth and breathable, and it does an excellent job of wicking away moisture to regulate body temperature, whether hot or cold.

What makes LilySilk’s all-season silk comforter distinctive is its side zipper, which is easy to access anytime in order to inspect for irregularities from time to time. It offers the ultimate sleeping experience, whether for naps or for a good night’s sleep.


  • Made from 100-percent silk mulberry floss for 100-percent authenticity.
  • Made from 400 TCI to keep its shape on its silk shell exterior.
  • Smooth and breathable for comfort.
  • Wicks away moisture to regulate body temperature.
  • Easy-to-access side zipper.


  • Might be susceptible to outward strands unravelling.
  • Zipper can be stuck sometimes when opening.

Opinion: Overall, I found LilySilk’s all-season silk comforter quite enjoyable to sleep in. I really like how it is made from pure, 100-percent silk, all the while retaining its shape even after multiple nights of sleep. Its breathability is above and beyond, and I have no trouble keeping myself cool and dry at night. Only issue is probably the side zipper, which can get stuck easily, so I have not been able to inspect as much as I could otherwise.

#3 MOON’S SLEEPWARES Queen Size 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter

Moon’s Sleepwares’ queen-sized comforter is made from 100-percent cotton sateen casing, which provides that beautiful luxury that makes you feel like royalty. Despite its large size (220/230 cm), it can be wrapped up and neatly tied, all the while easy to assemble once rolled out; it even contains its own vacuum bag and cotton storage bag, should you need to store it for later use.

In addition, it is lightweight and clean, thus making it perfect for spring and autumn seasons (or even all season). It is highly-ventilated, thereby able to remain clean and tidy in spite of multiple uses. Furthermore, it can be purchased along with a duvet, so that you can have the complete collection for a beautiful bed.


  • Made from 100-percent cotton sateen casing for the ultimate luxury.
  • Can be neatly assembled and stored with its vacuum and cotton storage bags.
  • Is lightweight for spring and autumn seasons.
  • Is highly-ventilated for cleanliness and comfort.


  • Not necessarily completely made from silk.
  • Can be too hot for warmer weather.


Opinion: Moon’s Sleepware’s queen-sized comforter looks incredibly luxurious on the outside, all the while being incredibly easy to assemble for immediate use. I do appreciate it coming with vacuum and cotton storage bags, which keeps it in tidy shape. It is great to use during the mild seasons like spring and autumn, although I do admit it’s a bit too much when it is warmer.

#4 LilySilk All Season Luxury Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered 100% Silk Duvet

This silk comforter is made from 100-percent silk mulberry floss, which provides the “real-deal” when it comes to feeling comfortable and warm. In addition, it has an outer silk shell, which is made up of 300 TCI and 100-percent pure and natural long strand silk floss that will keep its shape, all the while keeping the inside intact over time. It is smooth and breathable, and it can wick away moisture to regulate body temperature, so as to resist against the extremes, i.e. hot and cold.

This LilySilk All Season Luxury Silk Comforter is unique in that it has a side zipper, which is easily accessible to inspect for any changes or problems. All in all, it is sure to give you a good night’s sleep every time.


  • Made from 100-percent silk mulberry floss for 100-percent authenticity.
  • Contains 300 TCI to maintain a silk shell outside.
  • Smooth and breathable.
  • Wicks away moisture to keep body temperature in check.
  • Easily-accessible side zipper.


  • The strands might come loose and cause flyaways.
  • Zipper is at times stubborn to move and open easily.

Opinion: LilySilk’s all-season silk comforter is, in essence, pretty comfortable to lie in. I appreciate how its pure, 100-percent silk helps to retain its shape, despite long-term use. I love how it is so breathable, and I have had no problems keeping my body temperature in check under it at night. My only problem that a few strands have unraveled so far, but not a lot to cause a huge alarm.

#5 ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered Filled by 100% Long Grade Mulberry Silk

Offering 100-percent eco-friendly cotton and mulberry silk, Zimasilk’s silk comforter is not only great for keeping you warm and smooth while having a good night’s sleep but is also great for preserving the environment. It is naturally-hypoallergenic, as well as mildew-resistant, which offers great protections from annoyances in the air, thus leaving you allergy-free.

Additionally, Zimasilk’s silk comforter is incredible in how versatile it is: besides shielding you from the cold winter months, it can also keep you cool and collected in the hot summer. It also come with a bag to easily store the comforter, in the case that you want to take it with you during your travels, e.g. hotels, hostels, tents, etc. It offers a little bit for everyone, thereby pleasing people in the end.


  • Is eco-friendly for an environmentally-beneficial, guilt-free sleep.
  • Is naturally-hypoallergenic and mildew resistant to protect from allergies.
  • Excellent for both summer and winter seasons.
  • Easily portable to take on your travels.


  • Does not come in many styles.
  • Might be too big for some users.

Opinion: Essentially, Zimasilk’s silk comforter is a pleasure to sleep in, particularly when it comes to its eco-friendly cotton and mulberry silk quality material. I have found it great when sleeping in the summer or winter, as well as the rest of the year. I have taken it on my travels, although I did find it a bit of a hassle to carry because of its size.

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